Blackberry Woolly Mammoth?

Okay….if this isn’t the funniest thing I have ever come across. If anyone wants anything to speculate about….Then what on EARTH is this?…..


YEAAAH…..What phone is this? the 5 inch squared keyboard phone? I think it is awesome! haha, has anyone ever heard of a phone with such a massive square screen? it must be for a laarge keyboard phone. I would like to know if anyone ever heard what this was going to be for. It obviously was never released.

Here is some size comparison pictures for you all to see how big this thing is.


Pretty Big Eh? Yup I live in Canada. This thing is a big screen. Annd heres how the back of it looks. Check out the connector. Its large also.


How about a comparison with a decent sized android phone. the LG Optimus G.


I don’t know what to think about it. I’d like to know what you guys think this could have been. Maybe a giant bold 9900? Who knows. Any ideas please comment!

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One comment on “Blackberry Woolly Mammoth?
  1. FairlightRacing says:

    That SSD hard drive is 2.75 inches wide and the LG Optimus G is about the same width. Just by eyeballing the screen in comparison to the SSD and the phone I would guess it is 3.5 inches wide. Given that the formula to figure out the diagonal of a rectangle is p = q = √(a2 + b2) we can input 3.5 for a and b to get a p = q = 4.94975 inch diagonal screen. For comparison the phone would be the same width as the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 but a full inch shorter.

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